Thefts and motorcycle gangs: Russians, French and British met in Thailand and … topped the criminal rating

Thefts and motorcycle gangs: Russians, French and British met in Thailand and... topped the criminal rating

More than 180 foreigners have been prosecuted in Phuket since the beginning of the year, with Russians, French and British topping the list. If Russian citizens specialize in thefts, then tourists from France create entire gangs of motorcyclists that disturb local residents.

The growing number of crimes committed by foreign tourists worries the Thai authorities. To discuss this issue, Phuket Governor Narong Wuntsiu met with consuls from 23 countries. Among them: Australia, Russia, China, Austria, Great Britain, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain and Hungary.

Phuket strives to become a crime-free safe zone. As part of the related measures, many foreigners were arrested. Most often we are talking about the thefts committed by the Russians, and the attacks of motorcyclists, which distinguished the French. But the police also mentioned a case of human trafficking this month in a bar in Patong, where minors were allegedly involved in the provision of sexual services.

The head of the Phuket Migration Police said that at the moment there are about 32' on the island 000 foreigners, most of them tourists and expats from Russia, followed by citizens of the UK, France, China and Germany. Approximately 14,000 tourists now arrive at Phuket International Airport on average every day, according to the report.

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