There are no more Europeans: Thailand announced incredible numbers

There are no more Europeans: Thailand announced incredible numbers

The Thai government announced incredible numbers: according to them, from January 1 to September 8, the country received more than 5 million tourists, but Europeans are no longer among the leaders in the number of tourists . Both Chinese and Russian tourists have disappeared from this list. And the main share in the incoming tourist flow to Thailand now belongs to tourists from neighboring countries, primarily from Malaysia, who supply “short-term” tourists to the kingdom. We emphasize once again that not only Russians, who, due to air sanctions, do not yet have direct flights to Thailand, but Europeans are no longer on the leaderboard.

In total, to the “land of smiles” from January 1 to On September 8, 5,018,172 foreign tourists arrived. This was stated by the press secretary of the Thai government Tanakorn Vanbunkongchana.

At the same time, the leading markets turned out to be exclusively Asian. According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the largest group of tourists came from Malaysia, with 751,397 arrivals. India was next with 480,825 arrivals. In third place was Laos with 310,464 arrivals. Cambodia ranked fourth in terms of the number of tourists in Thailand, with a total of 249,084 arrivals. By the way, last month the United Kingdom was among them, but at the moment, according to the results of half a year, there are no Europeans on the list.

At the same time, tourism officials have quite optimistic forecasts for the future. The TAT estimates that the number of tourists will reach 10 million, based on advance flights and hotel bookings over the next three months.

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