There is no place for rogues here: another resort popular with Russians is starting to fight mass tourism, now only the rich and on quotas are waiting there

“We want tourists of greater value and less volume,” the authorities of the Spanish resort island of Mallorca, popular with Russians, directly explained their position, explaining the new tourism development plan. The Balearic Islands, exhausted by British “alcotourism”, are consistently fighting it, including trying to introduce quotas for receiving tourists and demolish the “rogue” infrastructure so that only wealthy vacationers come to them.

In particular, the President of the Council of Mallorca, Catalina Cladera, explained that this year the resort “felt overcrowded.” The unwanted “alcotourists” have also returned. It is to combat these two factors that Mallorca seeks to limit the number of places in hotels for tourists, plans to introduce a quota of no more than 430,000 tourist places throughout the island.

To implement this plan, the authorities added, a restriction will be introduced on the number of beds in hotels and how they are sold. There will also be an increase in the number of police officers and tourist inspectors who will conduct inspections of illegal rentals.

Recall that cheap hotels on the islands are also expected to be fought. The authorities are urging the government to allocate money to buy up dangerous tourist “illiquid” – cheap 1-3 * hotels where “alcohol tourists” stay, as well as “toxic” entertainment nightclubs, bars that received massive fines, etc. Moreover, buy up with the aim of closing and demolition – on the site of the “evil” infrastructure they want to build residential buildings, as well as, in the future, hotels of a higher category for much more affluent tourists. Read more at this link.

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