There is some kind of gag reflex: a Russian tourist in Indonesia went into a cafe and was shocked

There is some kind of gag reflex: a Russian tourist in Indonesia went into a cafe and was shocked

“It's better to be hungry than it is,” a Russian traveler said categorically about street food and cafe dishes in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. She shared shocking details about exactly why the gag reflex occurs on her Yandex.Zen channel.

According to her, the local street food is “outrageously unappetizing,” which reminded her of Indian street food. Therefore, the traveler tried her best to avoid dishes from Indonesian street eateries. However, once she nevertheless ended up in a roadside cafe, a visit to which she remembered for a long time.

Here is an excerpt from the story of a compatriot: “But still, the only time we were dragged into a cafe, right by the road. Small chairs and a gas stove with large pans – everything Asians love. And some food to choose from. In fact, the choice is small, and the food looks just disgusting. Some kind of yellow chicken, which is grabbed by hand, butchered. Boiled intestines impaled on skewers, chicken heads, some soy snacks. But it was still uncomfortable to refuse, so we just decided to trust the situation.
Our friends ordered fish. Together with her, tofu and chicken are fried in a large vat of oil. Yes, all in one place. The oil is already black, most likely the owners forget to change it periodically. Or they just don't want to.

As a result, only semi-dry rice on the plate did not fall under the suspicion of the girl, while all other products aroused complete distrust in her. “Dry rice, overcooked fish, one piece of cucumber, super spicy gravy that was supposed to moisten very dry rice, but for me personally it turned out to be too spicy, so we ate dry rice,” she elaborated.

As for the sauce, many of Jakarta's street food dishes are served with warm, spicy sambal, a paste-like spicy concoction with various seasonings and shrimp sauce. So many tourists blame this particular sauce for their sick stomachs. However, an unusual combination of products may well weaken the gastrointestinal tract.

Summarizing, the girl noted that she associates street catering in Jakarta with gastrointestinal problems. Instead of dubious dishes, it is better to choose fruits or fasting. It is not surprising, since the traveler previously said that sanitary standards are often not observed in Jakarta. For details, read the article “Rats and huge cockroaches run: a Russian tourist came to Indonesia and suddenly wanted to go back to Thailand.”

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