They are tired of Turkey: sales of tours from Russia to Europe increased 10 times

They are tired of Turkey: sales of tours from Russia to Europe increased 10 times

Russian tourists are becoming more and more interested in European tours, despite the cancellation of direct flights, higher prices and the need for transfers. The number of bookings for tours by Russian citizens to Europe has increased significantly compared to last year. Such Forbes data was quoted by Turkish publications.

Thus, Anatoly Garkushin, general director of the Pantheon tour operator, noted: “Booking of tours to Europe for the summer months exceeded the same period last year by 10 times. People are tired of Turkey.” We are talking primarily about Greece, Italy, Spain, Montenegro, Portugal and Cyprus. It is to these six areas that compatriots began to show the greatest interest. The figures of issued vouchers testify to the attractiveness of alternative holiday options in Europe, experts say. Moreover, Russians are no longer afraid of forced transfers necessary in the conditions of the European sky closed for domestic aircraft: at present, tourists from the Russian Federation fly to European countries not only through the usual Istanbul and Dubai, but also through Kuwait, Casablanca and Bahrain.

< p>Here is a list of 14 countries that continue to issue tourist visas to citizens of the Russian Federation: Austria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Sweden and Switzerland.

Recall that in September 2022, the European Council abolished the simplified visa regime between Russia and the EU, thereby complicating the issuance of permits for Russians to enter Europe or completely closing this opportunity. Against this background, the following 11 states stopped issuing new tourist visas: Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Iceland.

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