They don’t need the hungry: on the island beloved by Russians, they propose to introduce new measures against tourists

They don't need the hungry: they propose introducing new measures against tourists on the island beloved by Russians

Indonesian politician proposed to introduce a tax for tourists in Bali to attract “quality” foreign travelers instead of “low-income” problem guests. This and other measures against objectionable categories of tourists were reported by

Bali is looking to move away from “mass tourism” and gain a reputation as a “luxury getaway” and fight crime. To this end, a number of measures have been proposed, including a ban on the use of motorcycles for tourists, an order for hotel staff to advise guests on acceptable behavior on the island, and an additional tax for all visitors. Large billboards are also expected to be erected as part of the official riot control campaign.

Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, an influential politician in Indonesia, said: “I request that the imposition of a tax on tourists arriving in Indonesia be implemented immediately. This measure will be very useful for financing the development of tourist destinations and promotion of tourism, as has been done in several countries with great tourism potential.”

He also proposes a policy of scaring off problem tourists. Since living in Bali is quite cheap for citizens from some countries, they come to the island to “hang out” and ignore local laws and norms of behavior. “Low-income” tourists are more likely than others to arrange brawls and brawls, insult, among other things, government officials, spoil the rest of others and negatively affect the reputation of the resort.

The Chairman of the Regional Legislative Council in the province of Bali also expressed his opinion on tourists: “ Yes, we need tourists, but respectable ones, not those who throw tantrums and riots. For any violations of local laws, he proposes to be immediately expelled from the island.

By the way, on Monday, the Director of the General Directorate of Immigration of Indonesia, Silmi Karim, said that 620 foreigners were expelled from Indonesia in the first three months of the year. Reasons for deportation include: misuse of visas and residence permits, overstaying, disturbing the peace, inappropriate behavior and non-compliance with Indonesian regulations.

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