They drink infectious water: Russian tourist was shocked by the “tin” with the dead in a popular country

“I told the Indians: “Your river Ganges is teeming with infections because of the dead.” But they do not believe and drink this water!” – said the Russian traveler. He spoke about the wildness of the burial in India and the shocking habits of drinking contaminated water on the Yandex.Zen channel.

The tourist talked about the approach to the burial of the dead in different countries. For example, if in Turkey a corpse is simply wrapped in a sheet and buried, then in Russia a coffin is obligatory for the dead, and the more expensive the “box”, the more respectful the attitude towards the deceased. According to the Turks, there is no need to create “obstacles” for the transition to the other world: when the Day of Judgment comes, the deceased will not need to get out of the coffin.

In India, a real “tin” is happening with the dead, from acquaintance with which foreign travelers begin to get shock, the blogger noted. Here is an explanatory quote: “The Indians are sure that it is necessary to burn, not to bury. And the cremation ritual contains many different details. For example, for a wealthy Indian, sandalwood wood is used. The poor cannot afford this, for them a simpler tree is taken (whatever they find, they will burn with it). Next, the son or a special person (if there is no son in the family) breaks the skull of the burnt person so that the soul definitely leaves the body of the burnt Indian. The ashes are then scattered over the river. And in this part of the ritual, Indian rivers have big problems today. Imagine what their rivers have become! So many centuries have passed, and they still throw the ashes with the remains of the body into the reservoirs.

The traveler noted the general “pollution” of the reservoirs of the Asian country: garbage, ashes and infrequently floating corpses are around. However, not everyone is burned. There are those who are forbidden to be touched by fire. These include pregnant women, sick people, or people who have been bitten by a cobra.

“The last case is interesting in that a person who died from a bite is considered to be sleeping (although without signs of life and pulse, the Indians believe that he is sleeping). For this reason, it is impossible to burn a person. He is also sent to “float” on the river, simply wrapped in film. What happens to him next, one can only guess: he is either eaten by fish or caught by monks who are sure that the one bitten by the cobra is just sleeping, but for some reason they buried him. Therefore, the monks catch them and try to wake them up in their own ways. Those who observe this ritual have little success, but this is still being done,” the Russian explained.

Funeral rituals, which have long lived in India, pollute the rivers, the world scientific community claims. Accordingly, water from such reservoirs is deadly to drink. However, the locals do not believe the facts, but rely on their worldview. “It is useless to argue with the Indians that their rivers are contaminated with various bacteria. We tried to talk about this topic with our Indian friends, with whom we are visiting. But they are stubborn like sheep, and they say that the whole world is wrong, and their rivers, including the famous Ganges, are the cleanest on earth. Water from the rivers can and should be drunk! But the results of international laboratory studies shocked everyone (except the Indians, of course) to what extent the waters are teeming with infections, microbes, and various infections,” the tourist summed up.

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