They look tense: a Russian tourist in Hurghada found out what Egyptians really think about Russians now

They look tense: Russian tourist in Hurghada found out what Egyptians really think about Russians now

Russian tourist arrived to Hurghada for the winter, talked to the locals and found out how they feel about the Russians. With external tension and a sad expression on their faces, our compatriots remain the most beloved for the Egyptians, unlike Europeans. This opinion was formed by the Russian woman after a conversation with the citizens of the country of the pyramids.

The traveler's interlocutors were hotel employees, merchants on the promenade and waiters in restaurants. Talkative Egyptians were happy to enter into a dialogue with her, who was always accompanied by her young man.

“Perhaps this is just flattery, but almost every Egyptian with a big smile says to me: “Russia is our beloved country! You are the best tourists! We are brothers. We missed you very much when you did not come to rest. It's not just about merchants, “who just want to sell something.” Someone even gives arguments and explains why they like us the most, ”the blogger noted in her channel on Yandex.Zen and added that European vacationers seem arrogant to the locals, while Russians seem simple and open.

Egyptians also notice external tension in our fellow citizens, even on vacation. The girl explained this by the peculiarities of the climate and the small number of daylight hours. It is easier for the inhabitants of the country of the pyramids to smile, the girl believes, since the sun “automatically increases the degree of happiness.”

In addition, Russian tourists do not like to talk to Egyptians in markets and shops, but at the same time they buy a lot of souvenirs. This upsets the locals. “They say that Russian people often do not even turn around when you say hello to them … I always want to answer this honestly: “We are not willing to talk, because we know that you will start aggressively offering goods. And we don't like it.” But I just smile and say that we have such a mentality, ”the author of the material answered diplomatically. According to the Egyptians, the Russians are generous, because buy souvenirs not only for themselves, but also for others. “We take sweets, cosmetics, textiles and even magnets to give them to relatives, friends and colleagues,” she added. The inhabitants of Egypt see such generosity only in our fellow citizens and, admiring, are glad that the Russians buy a lot.

The interlocutors of the tourist could not ignore the topic of the beauty of Russian women. “Every Egyptian considers it his duty to say that the most beautiful women in the world live in Russia,” the traveler shared the opinion of the Egyptians.

At the same time, both nations – Russians and Egyptians – have a common quality. This is friendliness. The inhabitants of the country of the pyramids cannot make friends with Europeans, because. the former are polite but distant. But with the Russians, if you talk to them, it is easy to make friends. “It is we who most often bring gifts for hotel employees: chocolate, sweets, even seeds (the Egyptians adore them). Such kindness is not expected from Germans and Poles in Egypt,” the girl assured.

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