They only smile for money: a Russian tourist found out the real attitude towards Russians in Bali

Smiling only for money: a Russian tourist found out the real attitude towards Russians in Bali

A Russian tourist visited the paradise island of Bali, which is the dream of many Russian beach tourists, and said she accused the locals of targeted “secondary courtesy”. They only smile at tourists who are willing to give them their money, she said.

“Of course, they all perfectly understand that you are a “white guest” and we will never know the true friendly feelings of an Indonesian. We are all walking “gold bags” for them … They are only friendly when you approach them with money, ”complained a compatriot on the pages of her blog in Yandex.Zen.

On the eve of the influx of domestic tourists to the Indonesian island of Bali for wintering, it is already possible to send a familiar speech on the streets of the island. In addition, the Russians are betrayed by their appearance, the blogger said: “Our tourists can even be identified without words: full and with red burnt skin, and also in loose clothes.”

According to the Russian woman, the locals are just waiting, when the Russians arrive: they imposed and sewed a large number of swimsuits, shorts, dresses, prepared decorative surfboards for vacationers. The compatriot was outraged by the fact that more than half of the tropical island in November turned into a “solid bazaar of clothes”, where things are sold at a triple or quarter price.

“There are a lot of unnecessary things here. Well, or whoever you like. Openers, some creams, towels in the form of teddy bears… cheap soaps are wrapped, attributed with useful additives and sold to tourists at a speculative price,” she added.

In addition, merchants constantly evaluate the solvency of tourists by externally I see. “Tourist means rich, and the prices for things are corresponding. Anyway, there is not a single price tag anywhere, and you will never know how much a thing really costs, ”said the author.

The Russian woman complained that there are no friendly locals in the tourist places in Bali: there are “unpleasant men” around who persistently invite travelers to use the services of his taxi, and women who offer massages in the same way. “And all their second “courtesy” is fake, you can see it. They smile and offer to go to them, but if you refuse, they immediately stop smiling. Someone sentences something in his own way, perhaps they are swearing. The jester knows them. They do not give passage, they attack everyone with their services or goods. Local friendly people, not the same as they used to be. They are friendly only when you approach them with money,” the girl was indignant and stated that even in non-tourist places where there are no such shops, markets and restaurants, Indonesians are not friendly, because all “white people” are a source of income for them.

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