They take out spoons, forks, coat hangers: in Abkhazia they complained about theft by Russian tourists

They take out spoons, forks, hangers: in Abkhazia they complained about theft by Russian tourists

Habits and behavior of Russian tourists vacationers in the resorts of Abkhazia evoke strong emotions among the locals, and by no means joyful ones. The Abkhazians voiced their complaints in a conversation with

“Everyone looks so decent and respectable, but they consistently take out spoons, forks, coat hangers – I don’t leave them anymore, I bring them only if they ask . Someone really needed a TV remote control,” shared a local resident Zoya, who rents out an apartment to vacationers.

Outraged by the thefts from tourists from Russia and an employee of the hotel, located in Pitsunda, who wished to remain anonymous. “If they need something, let them say about it – we will give it, but they steal everything they can carry away: mugs, plates, towels, food from each other. Once there was a case, a man stole socks from another vacationer. He then put them on, and the other one tells him, they say, these are mine, which are gone, – so this, in fact, turned out, ”he said.

In addition, local hosts of Russian guests complained about the frequent damage to property. According to them, they constantly have to repair something: “We constantly have to repair something: either the cornice, or the chairs. Recently, the toilet was broken, and they still didn’t want to admit it – they say, they say, it was already broken. And how did you then, I wonder, went to the toilet all this time? – added the interlocutor.

Most of the hotel staff noted the excessive relaxation of Russian travelers who come on vacation with children. According to the Abkhazian, parents forget about their children: “They sit, eat vodka, and hungry children can run around all day. Mom and dad were asked to eat – they are “not hello”. Then they come to us – we feed, entertain the children, and what to do, like nannies sometimes.

At the same time, tourists from Russia, who visited Abkhazia on vacation, accused local men of excessive attention in their direction. On the other hand, the Abkhazians were not at a loss and offered to punish travelers for too revealing outfits.

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