They will pour into the resorts in the millions in 2023: tourism awaits the opening for the most numerous tourists

They will flood the resorts by the millions in 2023: tourism awaits opening for the most numerous tourists

Return Chinese tourists, which the authorities of many countries hope for, can happen as early as 2023, and much earlier than expected – not just before the start of the summer season, but even before the Chinese New Year – immediately after January 8. At least, this date was named by the Chinese South China morning post, saying that by this date China intends to abandon quarantine and open borders. True, the details have not yet been specified.

The publication only reports that the National Health Commission has notified the easing of anti-covid rules. This was reported by three sources in the health authorities in three Chinese provinces – Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangsu.

Since 2020, COVID-19 has been declared a category A infectious disease, which includes, for example, deadly diseases such as bubonic plague and cholera. Accordingly, it also requires severe restrictions, including the quarantine of those infected and those who have been in contact with them, as well as a ban on the free movement of citizens. It seems that with the emergence of less dangerous strains such as Omicron, the Chinese authorities are still ready to transfer covid to category B, which “requires the necessary treatment and measures to contain the spread”, but cancels strict control measures.

Including, as apparently so far unofficially suggest the sources of the publication, the strict quarantine at the entrance-exit, which closes the way for tourists both from China and to China, should be canceled … True, according to what rules, in what quantity and with how strict checks upon their return, the Chinese will be “released” and whether they will be ready to travel – no one even guesses yet.

Recall that the return of Chinese tourists was called “vital”. This conclusion was made at the Global Summit of the World Travel and Tourism Council, held recently in Riyadh.

“The recovery of tourism will not begin without the presence of citizens of the second largest economy in the world,” is the general thesis. In particular, Anthony Capuano, CEO of Marriott International, said that the “zero covid policy” in China continues to slow down the recovery of tourism, and almost all over the globe.

“The problem for us is that the Chinese traveler has expanded his universe around the world. They influenced shopping in Europe, they were travelers who traveled at a different time than all other tourists. The return of the Chinese would be a plus for us all,” said Greg O'Hara, founder and senior managing director of tourism investor Certares. Read more at this link.

Russian news agencies and the diplomatic service confirm that the return of Chinese tourists to Russia may occur, and in the not so distant future. The press service of the Russian Consulate General in Harbin announced that Russia and China are working on a plan to resume ground passenger traffic between the countries. She also voiced the specifics: it is assumed that the process will be phased. “At the beginning of next year, quarantine for those entering from abroad will be lifted; the rules of stay in China for Russian drivers will gradually change; passenger traffic will be opened, perhaps at the beginning in a test mode on one of the Russian-Chinese border infantry,” the diplomats specified.

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