This is a complete failure: the largest airline refused to resume flights to Thailand

This is a complete failure: the largest airline refused to resume flights to Thailand

In the autumn-winter season, Thailand will not receive tourists from Europe, which it really counted on: the UK's flag carrier – British Airways does not plan to return to Bangkok until at least next year, although it had previously expected to return in November. An interesting detail is that representatives of the airline blamed tourists who were too economical for canceling flights.

British Airways plans to resume flights in November this year. Tour operators were hoping the British flag carrier would once again add scheduled flights between Heathrow and Bangkok to Thailand's high season. But this did not happen – the British national carrier did not commit itself to resuming flights between Heathrow and Suvarnabhumi.

The carrier's clarification is interesting – British Airways said that Bangkok and Thailand “are not at the top of BA's list for resumption as they are predominantly low-income tourist traffic.” Those. most of the passengers are tourists who are chasing the lowest fares and spend the least on a plane seat. In addition, the carrier complained about “tough price competition from Middle Eastern carriers – Qatar, Emirates and Etihad”, which already fly either daily or in several fleets a week.

These are not the only flights to the UK that Thailand will lose . In August, low-cost airline Scoot, which began operating Gatwick-Bangkok-Singapore flights in March, will suspend flights. True, the Singaporean low-cost airline says it plans to return to scheduled UK-Thailand flights at the end of October. But this return has not been officially confirmed.

As a result, only Thai Airways and Taiwanese EVA Air operate direct flights between Thailand and the UK.

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