This is a robbery: tourists in Thailand were given taxi rates so that they would not be deceived by drivers

This is a robbery: tourists in Thailand were given taxi fares so that they would not be deceived by drivers

Foreign tourists for Thai taxi drivers – a way profit, especially on holidays. To prevent local cabbies from deceiving travelers anymore, Thailand's travel media published the true taxi fares for the latest. Save it so you don't lose it.

So, the details of the incident on April 15, which happened to two travelers in Bangkok during the Thai New Year, hit the social network. For a short 7-kilometer trip, a local driver demanded 700 baht (1,663 rubles at the current exchange rate) from the guests of the country, which is several times more expensive than the standard fare. He explained the price by traffic jams.

“Songkran (Thai New Year) is a golden time for taxi drivers. Travelers took a taxi from the SO/Bangkok hotel to Asiatique the Riverfront. It's less than 10 km, but the driver asked for 700 baht for the fare. This is 10 times more expensive than the standard fare,” the author of the post noted and noted that such a method of enrichment, chosen by local drivers, is comparable to robbery and harms the reputation of the resorts. The tourists were shocked by the price and urged the driver to turn on the meter, but he refused. As a result, the girls still sat down with him and drove off.

So, so that tourists do not fall for the tricks of registered taxi drivers, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the fixed tariffs for transportation in Thailand. The basic tariff for a taxi with an engine capacity of 1.6-1.8 thousand cubic meters. cm is 35 baht (83 rubles), and for a taxi with a volume of 2 thousand cubic meters. cm – 40 baht (95 rubles).

The fare increases depending on the distance:

  1. Trip 2-10 km – 6.5 baht (15.45 rubles)/km
  2. Ride 11-20 km – 7 baht (16.64 RUB)/km
  3. Trip 21-40 km – 8 baht (19.02 RUB)/km
  4. Ride 41-60 km – 8.5 baht (20.20 RUB)/km
  5. Trip 61-80 km – 9 baht (21.39 RUB)/km
  6. Trip distance from 81 km and further – 10.5 baht (24.96 rubles)/km

In traffic jams or if taxi cars travel less than 6 km per hour, the cost will be 3 baht (7.13) per minute. Thus, according to the established tariffs, tourists had to pay not 1,663 rubles, but 475 rubles for their trip, even with difficult traffic.

Many Thai netizens complained in the comments and called on the relevant department to take severe measures against similar taxi drivers. Some of them mentioned that drivers not only robbed passengers in the past, but also refused to provide service and had bad manners.

Another viral video recently surfaced on TikTok showed a Thai woman also overpaying for a motorcycle taxi ride on a motorcycle during the Songkran festival. The woman said that the driver charged her 500 baht for a trip from an entertainment venue on Rama 9 Road, Royal City Avenue (RCA) to Khaosan Road in the same place in the Thai capital, instead of 170 baht (404 rubles).

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