This is better for tourists not to eat: the most overrated dishes of Turkey are named

It's better for tourists not to eat: the most overrated dishes of Turkey are named

The most overrated dishes that all tourists are eager to try in Turkey, but the result will rather disappoint them, she named them in her own words channel in Yandex.Zen travel blogger.

According to her, local residents often pass off something not very tasty as a gastronomic masterpiece. The tourist gave the following examples:

  1. Kokorech – or offal sandwich, which, according to the blogger, appears in every article about Turkish street food, but “the authors of these gastronomic guides simply did not try it,” the blogger believes. In her words, in this dish “a lot of rolls, little toppings, a strange aftertaste.” So tourists are advised not so exotic kebab.
  2. Manti – “Turkish dumplings the size of a marigold” from the point of view of the blogger is also unworthy of a place in the list of “TOP 10 dishes to try in Turkey.” “There is almost no meat in Turkish manti. The most delicious thing about this dish is the tomato sauce with which the Turks pour these tiny “dumplings,” she assures.
  3. Tripe cabbage rolls are popular mainly because of their appearance, since the dish looks like a male genital organ. “Of course, tourists immediately became interested in him!” – says the blogger. But cabbage rolls taste much less interesting, she adds.
  4. Tarkhana Chorbasy or the most famous Turkish soup. “Dried vegetables and cereals are ground into powder, mixed with flour, starch and spices, sieved and stored in this form. To make soup, the Turks simply pour the mixture into boiling water and cook until thick,” the blogger explains, advising not to fall for the marketing idea that this soup is healing. Instead, she advises Turkish mercimek or lentils – it is much more healthy, satisfying and tasty.
  5. Sarma or dolma in its vegetarian version. “Rice, some vegetables, spices, vine leaves, that's it. Taste for an amateur. The exception is the sarma from Konya. It is cooked with minced lamb, poured with tomato sauce and consumed hot. It’s worth a try,” the blogger advises.
  6. Puddings. “If syutlatch (rice pudding with a golden crust) is really worthy of attention, then everyone else is definitely overrated. Most puddings contain only sugar, starch, flavoring and coloring, sometimes cocoa powder. It’s better to give up this dessert in favor of baklava and other Turkish sweets,” the blogger says.
  7. And, finally, such an obligatory souvenir as Turkish delight has made the list. “In its composition, most often there are only 3 ingredients: starch, molasses and powdered sugar. Rose water is added to a good Turkish delight, dyes and flavors are added to a budget one. I understand that this sweet has been traditional since the Ottoman era. But do many really love her sincerely? Another thing is Turkish delight with creamy nougat, dried fruits or nuts. This is where the true masterpiece lies,” the author of the blog declares.

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