This is the full paragraph: Russian tourists complained about the catastrophic situation at the popular resort

This is a complete paragraph: Russian tourists complained about the catastrophic situation at the popular resort

“This is a complete paragraph,” warned tourists who were going to relax in Goa, expert bloggers on the Yandex.zen channel. We are talking about the situation with housing – for those who have not booked it in advance, including through a tour operator – now such travelers simply cannot find a roof over their heads. According to them, “the situation this year is catastrophic”, if we talk about renting apartments, houses and even rooms in this resort state of India – the prices are crazy and there are still no places.

First of all, experts noted Russian “relocators”, as well as winter tourists from other countries of the former USSR, as the reason. “Getting an annual visa here is easy. In addition, the houses are cold, which means that the winterers are right there. All this gives rise to an unprecedented demand for housing, and the Indians, pleasantly shocked by such a turn, break prices with confidence,” the experts explained.

They explained the situation by their own example – the tourists themselves, not without difficulty, “found a good option to settle in Arambol.” “Already then, dumbfounded tourists wrote in a telegram chat that they did not recognize Goan prices, and the available options evoke melancholy. This was confirmed by our housemate, who has already wintered three times in Goa. It was this year, according to her, that the price tag for housing soared so sharply that you can turn your neck from such an air show, ”told the tourists. The owner of the house shocked them even more, saying that the cost of rent for the next period would be twice as high. “And if this surprises you, then go around the neighboring houses and understand that it’s still inexpensive here,” the Indian said, according to them.

“We are not a timid ten, we decided to go around the houses in Arambol, and also drove into the neighboring villages of Mandrem, Kverim, threw a fishing rod to a friend in Morjim. A survey of the owners showed that almost everything is occupied,” the tourists said. Only houses in the “wilderness” are available, far from the coast, cafes and shops, but they also break the price more than what the tourists paid.

“The moral of this story is that thanks to our compatriots, the season in Goa reached a record high, while supply remained at a low level. Real estate is simply not enough. Killed sheds give back at a higher cost than a beautiful apartment in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) with a rooftop pool, sauna and gym cost us. Such an investment in Indian holidays seems completely unattractive, ”they assured and added for those who have not yet booked accommodation and are going on vacation – you shouldn’t even start.

In the comments, they were corrected by their wintering colleagues, who do not agree with the opinion that Russian tourists are to blame for everything. What is the reason, according to them – read in this material “TURPROM”.

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