This winter, the battle of Russian and German tourists will begin in Antalya

This winter, the battle of Russian and German tourists will begin in Antalya

The battle between Russian and German tourists for places in the best hotels in Turkish resorts – including Antalya – in which the Germans won by a small margin in the summer, will continue in the winter. Turkish experts are sure of this, counting the plans of both German and Russian tourists for holidays in Turkey this coming winter. Interestingly, the success of the destination for both countries is “spurred on” by sanctions – Germans flee to warm countries from problems with heating and high gas prices, and for Russian tourists, thanks to sanctions and the European Iron Curtain, Turkey remains one of the few available destinations.

Turkish experts in the tourism media emphasize that the gas crisis is “to blame” for the growth in demand from the Germans, which in turn is caused by anti-Russian sanctions. Rising prices for all bills this winter will lead to the fact that “winter tourism for Europeans will be more massive and longer,” Turkish media write. Holidays in Turkey are already actively and quite cheaply sold in Germany.

It's funny that some Turkish experts called it “divine justice” – in particular, Yigit Bulut, Erdogan's chief adviser and member of the Presidential Economic Policy Council, called the situation: “At least 1 million EU citizens for whom gas was cut off moved to spend this winter in Turkey. Hotels in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and many cities are completely filled for the winter! Divine Justice! he said. He also urged Turkish tour operators not to sell such tours cheaply, recalling, among other things, the depreciation of the euro.

The Russians, according to Turkish forecasts, are also not far behind. Recall that Turkey expects that about 1 million Russian tourists will also arrive at its resorts from November 1, 2022 to April 1, 2023 – that is, about the same number as Germans. Of these, 500,000 vacationers will choose Antalya, a traditionally favorite resort province, and the rest will travel to different regions of Turkey. Read more about the expectations and programs of tour operators here.

Russian carriers have also planned to expand Turkey for the winter. Thus, Red Wings and AZUR Airlines have expanded their winter charter programs to Turkish Antalya from many cities in Russia – the first plans to fly from five, the second from seven cities. For details, see the article “Strong demand for Antalya for the winter has begun: two airlines have already announced a list of Russian cities of departure.”

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