Thousands of dead dolphins washed up on the beaches of the Black Sea

Thousands of dead dolphins were thrown onto the beaches of the Black Sea

The beaches of the countries bordering the Black Sea were filled with thousands of dead dolphins. According to the New York Times, scientists believe that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is responsible for the massive death of mammals.

Biologists noted that scientists counted several thousand dead dolphins on the coasts of Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. It is clarified that the animals were affected by the noise of numerous water vessels, the frequent sounds of explosions from exploding bombs, as well as water pollution from sunken ships with oil and chemicals used in ammunition. Perhaps the hydroacoustic systems that allow them to navigate in space and communicate with each other were damaged. Zoologists found burns on some of the dolphins washed ashore.

The newspaper also published a statement made by Turkish scientists in March. According to this information, not only sea pollution, but also low-frequency sonars threaten the dolphin population. “Along with marine pollution, ship noise and low-frequency sonars pose a serious threat to marine species, especially dolphins, which actively use underwater sounds for navigation,” experts warned.

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