Three-meter parasite came out: tourists in Thailand were warned about the dangers of certain dishes

Three-meter parasite came out: tourists in Thailand were warned about the danger of certain dishes

Interest in exotic cuisine can turn into disgusting “surprises” dangerous for health. This is how Thai doctors commented on the nightmarish discovery published on social networks. We are talking about a photo of a three-meter parasitic worm, which “came out” apparently from the intestines of the author of the post.

According to the popular Thai medical expert Thanphakphum Dechkasdin, apparently in the photo the tapeworm crawled out of the intestines of a man. Most likely, he got into the body of the victim due to eating pork or beef containing tapeworm cysts.

The most dangerous in terms of infection are exotic dishes that involve eating raw – or almost raw meat – the physician added. Among them, he named “soi chud” – something like the Thai version of beef tartare, “larb” or a type of Thai minced salad, “lu” – a kind of soup with raw meat, and fermented sausage.

“After digestion, the tapeworm larvae break out of the cysts and gradually grow into adult worms, attaching to the walls of the intestine. Symptoms of infection with a mature tapeworm can include bloating, indigestion, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and anemia,” the physician noted. since he is a raw vegetarian and does not eat meat in principle. Well, the doctor had an answer: it was quite possible that it was not too well washed raw vegetables, which “could contain traces of pig manure.” The latter in Thailand is a fairly popular fertilizer. So, vegetarian tourists should also be careful.

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