To Italy, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, USA, Britain and Crete: new ways published how to get from Russia

To Italy, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, USA, UK and to Crete: new routes published, how to get from Russia

The new schedule of connections between foreign air carriers, which provides Russian tourists with the opportunity to get from the Russian Federation to Europe and beyond, was published by ATOR experts. We are talking about routes through Dubai, Istanbul and other interchange hubs. In general, “with a change” a Russian tourist can get to almost all European destinations – primarily to such popular countries as Italy, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro, as well as routes to the USA, Britain and some long-haul destinations.

The list of directions presented is as follows:

  1. Dubai: flydubai has announced new flights to 10 new destinations from 23 June. With a transfer in Dubai, it will be possible to get to closed Croatia, Dubrovnik, Montenegro, Tivat, Italy – Pisa and Catania, the Greek islands of Mykonos and Santorini, as well as the Georgian resort of Batumi and affordable Turkey – Bodrum, Izmir and Trabzon. Also increased the frequency of flights to Hungary and Austria – respectively, Budapest and Salzburg. Tickets are not particularly cheap – a flight to Croatia will cost $684 one way, to Montenegro $770, to the Greek islands – $800. Airfare to Italy starts from $580. Turkey, according to ATOR experts, is slightly cheaper than direct flights – a direct Pegasus Airlines flight from Moscow to Bodrum costs $624 in early July, and a connecting flight from flydubai from $591.
  2. However, Turkey also serves as a transfer hub. Tourists were informed that Turkish Airlines will start flying to four new destinations. Flights to the USA, to Seattle, and from June 11 to Tivat will start from Istanbul on June 27. The remaining two new destinations are South Sudan and Bukhara, not the fact that they are of interest to Russian tourists. A flight to Tivat will cost a tourist a little cheaper through Dubai – so far 46 thousand rubles.
  3. Kazakhstan can also become a transfer hub – Air Astana launches a flight from Almaty to London from May 12 for 578 euros one way. At the same time, the Kazakh carrier does not fly to Russia, but you can get on other flights. Also, flights Alma-Ata – Bodrum, Alma-Ata – Antalya are available from Kazakhstan, there are flights from Nur-Sultan. The latter also offers tourists flights to Crete – from 362 euros one way.
  4. By the way, you can also fly to Cyprus via Armenia – Wizz Air will fly from Yerevan to Larnaca twice a week from June 22 from 236 euros one way. You can also fly from Yerevan to Rome, although flights will open only on September 26. You can also fly to Georgia via Armenia.
  5. Experts also suggested a transfer route to Cyprus via Sochi and Cairo. Cyprus Airways began operating flights between Larnaca and Cairo. Tickets – from 109 euros, and a flight from Moscow to Cairo from 16 thousand rubles. one way (via Sochi).

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