To save tours to Egypt, Russian airlines offered an unexpected way

Russian airlines offered an unexpected way to save tours to Egypt

Russian airlines have proposed an unexpected way to save tours to Egypt. According to Kommersant, several carriers flying to Egypt asked the Federal Air Transport Agency to lift the ban on flights through Syria, introduced almost a decade ago. At the same time, the publication states that we are talking about airlines “with dual-registration aircraft,” since Jordan, after Turkey and Saudi Arabia, refused to let them into its airspace. Those. the carriers were thereby deprived of any available air corridor to Egypt. The publication lists these as NordWind, Icarus and iFly airlines.

According to Kommersant, this is reported by sources in the industry, including those close to the Ministry of Transport. The publication does not name a specific carrier, but states that the carriers cut off from Egypt are asking to open a route for them with a length of less than 300 km over Syria. The country, we recall, has been closed for flights since 2013, and as Kommersant assures, the reason was the threat of a NordWind aircraft flying from Egypt to Kazan. Also, according to the publication, the Federal Air Transport Agency has already addressed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the question of the possibility of lifting restrictions, where “we received confirmation that the foreign ministry does not mind.” At the same time, the issue requires coordination with the Ministry of Defense.

The publication also adds that the requirement is caused by serious problems. The situation is aggravated by the fact that in addition to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea and Yemen also blocked the air corridor.

Recall that Pegasus was the first to face this problem, whose tourists were transferred to the Turkish carrier Southwind Airlines and they will be sent to the resorts of Egypt with an intermediate landing in Antalya for refueling. According to the tour operator, since it is a Turkish carrier, flights to Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada will be operated with a stop in Antalya – Turks do not have the right to carry Russian passengers directly to a third country – only with a formal landing in Turkey. “The change was due to Jordan's ban on Nordwind aircraft flying over their country,” the tour operator also explains. Read the details in this TURPROM article.

As of Thursday, iFly, which is affiliated with the tour operator TEZ-tour, has to decide the situation. On Thursday, in connection with the closing of the sky, TEZ-tour made an urgent statement on Egypt: tourists were placed in hotels and are looking for ways to deliver them to Egyptian resorts. “Due to the closure of the airspace by Jordan, I Fly F7711 and F7709 flights to Sharm el-Sheikh, as well as F7707 to Hurghada, are delayed. Airport staff and passengers have been informed of the delay. Tourists waiting for departure at Vnukovo airport will receive vouchers for water and food in accordance with the established FAP-82 rules. Those of them who expressed such a desire were settled in the hotel, this is more than 260 people, ”the press service of the tour operator commented to TURPROM. Experts also noted that those TEZ TOUR tourists who are supposed to fly to Russia on export flights from Egyptian resorts continue their holidays in hotels until further notice.

According to ATOR, carriers of several tour operators have already received a request from aviation Jordanian authorities on the need to provide an insurance certificate issued in London and classified A ++ in order to be able to use the airspace of this country. The problem is that on the route to Egypt, Jordanian airspace is critical – it is almost impossible to fly around. Read the details at this link.

In turn, Kommersant, referring to its sources in the insurance market, assures that the restrictions are imposed due to double registration. As the publication assures, the “debermudised” aircraft of Aeroflot, Azur Air, Red Wings, as well as the SSJ 100 of Rossiya and Azimuth, originally registered in the Russian Federation, continue to fly to Egypt through Turkey.

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