Top travel destinations around the world for 2023 announced

Top travel destinations around the world for 2023 announced

Twenty-five best destinations for different groups of travelers were presented on their pages by National Geographic magazine. According to the publication, tourists are offered “25 of the best destinations around the world for those who want to explore the world.” Mostly rather non-trivial directions got there, although characteristic tourist destinations were not ignored.

“We have taken a deep dive into places around the world that offer unique and rewarding experiences for locals and travelers alike: places where visitors end up supporting and supporting rather than damaging the destination’s environment,” said Amy. Alipio, senior editor for National Geographic Travel. She also noted that one of the objectives of the list was to find “equally inspiring alternatives to places that have become crowded.”

The list came out as follows:

Better places for families and educational trips

This list includes places where to see something extraordinary and learn new things, or, as the publication puts it, travel “for learning and enlightenment.” Switzerland made it there – with its rail network in the first place – and, surprisingly, Colombia too – “because of its rich biodiversity, which makes it possible to observe birds and wildlife.” Also, the authors of the publication believe that family tourists will be interested in the Manchester Museum in the British city of the same name, and the miniature “island” state of Trinidad and Tobago was included in this list as the center of “turtle tourism” – that is, the best place to watch turtles. As the best educational place for domestic tourism, the American National Geographic named San Francisco and its Crosstown Trail, which stretches through the city for almost 30 km.

The best places for adventure and adrenaline< /p>

The remote Inca ruins of Choquequirao in southern Peru are, in the opinion of the publication, the best choice for “adventurers”. This “relative” of Machu Picchu is far from being so well known to tourists. No wonder – the cable car, which should make it easier for tourists to get to the ruins, is still under construction, and to get there, you will have to travel along footpaths of more than 30 km. Entertainment is not for mass tourism – so the crowds do not threaten. In Europe, tourists have been recommended Bergsteigerdörfer, a chain of alpine villages in the Austrian Alps that promise tourists an “authentic alpine experience”. In Mexico, extreme tourists were advised to the Revillagigedo National Park, nicknamed the “Mexican Galapagos”, the main feature of which is diving, and in the United States, Utah took the championship, where five national parks and eight national monuments are waiting for extreme people

Best cultural tourism destinations

And, finally, familiar names – Italy and Egypt. In the first, tourists were presented with a tempting project – the Italian authorities plan to restore the legendary transport artery of ancient Rome – the Appian Way, which stretches for 360 miles from Rome to southern Italy. In Egypt, the forthcoming opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum, which houses Tutankhamun's tomb, has been cited as a cultural tourist attraction. Tourists looking for exotic culture have also been recommended to South Korea's second largest city, Busan, which combines ancient history with new trends like craft beer; and Henan in central China, where the Longmen Grottoes contain many Buddhist sculptures, the largest of which stands over 56 feet tall and dates back to the 5th century. In the United States itself, this status has earned the International African American Museum, due to open in January in Charleston, South Carolina, the museum is located near the city's harbor, which once served as a slave trade.

Tourism for nature lovers

Fans of “escape to the wild” edition invited to the African Botswana, where you can visit a huge number of reserves and national parks. In Europe, Slovenia is waiting for them with its “Green Route for Gourmets” designed for cyclists; and the Scottish Highlands. In North America, an escape is offered to Big Bend National Park in west Texas with incredible views, a huge amount of wildlife and “more types of cacti than in any other national park.” Another place for an amateur is the Azores of Portugal, which are an oasis for 28 species of whales and dolphins.

“Smart tourist places”

This category includes destinations “that stand out for community conservation efforts, pioneering work in ecotourism, sustainability and inclusive travel, and the meaningful ways travelers can help communities.” This includes the city of Milwaukee on the Great Lakes, as well as the Greek Dodecanese Islands, where locals seek to attract tourists to traditional crafts such as fishing and winemaking. Laos also got here – for its bullet train, which connects 420 km of the countries of Southeast Asia “for local and foreign tourists.”

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