Tortured hotels in Turkey have found control over insolent tourists

 Tormented hotels in Turkey found justice for insolent tourists

Ways to find justice for fraudulent tourists who try to relax in Antalya hotels for free, and even with a chance to receive compensation from the hotel for allegedly taking place « food poisoning,” said experts from Antalya. According to representatives of hoteliers, this type of fraud in some countries is literally put on stream – however, hotels have found at least two ways to fight.

As Ali Manavoglu, chairman of the Antalya branch of the Chamber of Food Industry Engineers, stated in the Turkish media, this problem has seriously escalated for Turkish tourism over the past 4-5 years. In some countries, according to him, this fraud is almost officially put on stream. First of all, we are talking about Britain. “Tourists return to their country after their holidays. At the airports where they landed, lawyers are waiting for them with signs and brochures in their hands with a proposal to return part of the money for the vacation through the courts. An unscrupulous tourist, with the help of such a lawyer, files a lawsuit claiming that he was poisoned in a hotel. As a result, hotels lose serious money.”

According to him, one of the solutions to the problem will be the Safe Tourism system. “Scammers most often claim that he had food poisoning without a doctor's report. In this case, the hotel must provide documentary evidence. Of great importance are the analyzes provided by the hotels,” the expert said. If a client claims that he was poisoned at the hotel, the hotel must provide all evidence that its products were fresh and safe.

It's funny that another way to fight can be “documentation” from the tourist himself. “The security system is not limited to analysis. We will check all camera footage and social media accounts of a traveler complaining of food poisoning. If records are found showing that he danced well, went to the pool and had fun on the days when, as he claimed, he was poisoned on vacation, they will be presented to the tour operator and the court, ”the expert said.

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