Tour operators have opened the sale of Egyptian resorts, alternative to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh

Tour operators have opened the sale of Egyptian resorts, alternative to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh

Sale of the Egyptian Mediterranean – ie. resorts alternative to the Red Sea Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh were opened by Russian tour operators. Market participants explained to ATOR experts what resorts they will offer, what is interesting in the Egyptian Mediterranean, what are the prices, beaches and hotels.

According to them, for the summer, these resorts will turn out to be a profitable offer for reasons including the weather – it is not as hot here as on the Red Sea, but the season lasts from May to October. At the same time, in August, at the local popular resort of El Alamein, during the day it is +27-30 °C, the water warms up to +26 °C. In general, “typical Mediterranean climate” experts say.

The second plus of the Mediterranean or Northern Egypt is good sandy beaches and

rich excursion program. From here it is much easier than from the Red Sea resorts to get to the Pyramids of Giza and Cairo, Alexandria also offers its sights, and a mini-cruise on the Nile will also be available to tourists. At the same time, as stated in Intourist, a transfer to group excursions will take only 1.5-2 hours. It is also easy to deliver tourists to the resorts – these are mainly regular flights through Cairo.

Among the minuses – the choice of hotels in the Egyptian Mediterranean, suitable for the needs of Russian and European tourists, is not very large, and during the peak season (July-August) there is a high load, since the North coast is popular with local residents. However, at the moment the coast is being actively built up and it is quite possible that there will be more hotels in the very near future. According to Intourist, about 15 hotels are now available for booking on the North Coast. There are also few hotels with the all-inclusive food concept familiar to Russians in the Egyptian Mediterranean. Although, as the PAC Group specified, the local Rixos Alamein Hotel is ready to accept tourists – the only hotel with the concept of “ultra all inclusive” and active animation. Intourist and Russian Express also recommend hotels in the Jaz chain. The experts of Intourist and PAC Group pay attention to two more objects: the Regal Hights 5 * hotel, located in the El Alamein resort, and Caesar Bay Resort (an excellent beach, green areas and all the infrastructure for families with children).

However, tour operators do not expect volume demand for Northern Egypt in the summer season 2023. “But the Russians will certainly be interested in this direction. First of all, within the framework of combined tours with an excursion program,” Space Travel noted.

The experts presented the following prices:

  • “Intourist”: tour for 7 nights with air travel to Cairo in early June in 4 * “all inclusive” from 146,697 rubles. for two.
  • Ambotis Holidays: combined tour “Cairo + Alexandria” (from 2 to 4 nights in Cairo and 2 nights in Alexandria) – from 204 thousand rubles. for two.
  • PAC Group: tour with air flight to the Regal Heights 5 * hotel (7 nights) – from 190,265 rubles. for two.

Recall that earlier a Russian blogger who constantly lives in the land of pyramids spoke about the features of the Mediterranean resorts of Egypt on a live experience. Read the details at this link.

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