Tour operators launch ski tours to Turkey: resorts and direct flight schedules named

Tour operators launch ski tours to Turkey: resorts and schedule of direct flights named

Russian tour operators have launched the sale of ski tours to Turkey. While we are talking about the tour operator Coral Travel, the news about the start of sales of tours from the tour operator to the ski resorts of Turkey was published by the Turkish media. Tour packages are sold to the ski resorts of Kayseri and Erzurum, and flight programs start just before the New Year. Moreover, the Turkish media separately emphasized that this would be very beneficial for Turkey: the Russians did not have many options for a ski holiday due to the embargo of European states.

The details are as follows. The start of programs in Kayseri is scheduled for December 28. Transportation of tourists will be carried out by Pegasus Airlines direct flights from Moscow. Then flights to Erzurum will start on October 29.

In Kayseri, Coral Travel will operate 5 flights a week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. There are 3 flights a week to Erzurum – on Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday and Sunday. These flights will take tourists to the ski resorts of Erciyes, Erzurum and Palandoken.

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