Tour operators officially explained how to now send tourists abroad

Tour operators have been officially explained how to send tourists abroad now

The official answer to the question of tour operators “What to do?” – in this case, how to send tourists abroad – presented on the official website of Rostourism. The tourist industry was once again reminded that “due to the risks of aircraft seizure”, Russian airlines and tour operators will have to adjust their foreign programs, including charter ones. “According to the statement of the Federal Air Transport Agency, from midnight on March 6, only those Russian airlines that have aircraft for which there are no risks of seizure at foreign airports will be able to operate foreign flights from Russia. Also, foreign airlines based in countries that have not restricted the airspace for Russia will be able to fly from Russia abroad,” the Rostourism explained.

The tourists were further warned that in this regard, “delays, transfers and cancellation of foreign flights of Russian airlines” Foreigners can also change their programs. Tourists are encouraged to:

  • If they are still going abroad, then be sure to take this information into account when planning trips and carefully monitor all changes – the situation is now changing very quickly. “Organized tourists need to keep in constant contact with their tour operator, and independent tourists with the airline,” the Federal Tourism Agency added.
  • Those already abroad were also urged to keep in touch with their tour operators and airlines. “We recommend that tourists who experience difficulties returning to Russia fill out our feedback form at the State Services,” the Federal Tourism Agency said, and also recalled the recommendation of the Federal Air Transport Agency, which reported that “export” flights under the current conditions are very difficult to organize – and if possible , tourists are advised to “buy their own ticket through third countries”.

Rostourism has the following recommendation for tour operators: “From 00:00 Moscow time on March 6, sell and send only on such tours abroad, which include transportation by aircraft of airlines not affected by restrictions. Namely, by Russian airlines that have aircraft for which there is no risk of seizure of a board abroad, as well as by foreign airlines based in countries that have not closed the “sky” for us. If overseas tours involve travel by airlines that do not meet these conditions, we recommend that tour operators temporarily suspend their sales.”

According to the statement of Rostourism, tourists, in agreement with tour operators, have the right to request:

  • to reschedule the dates of the trip to any dates convenient for the tourist during the year with a choice of another direction for recreation, if necessary;
  • replace the air carrier on the tour, if there is such a need and the tour operator has the opportunity;
  • choose another solution that takes into account the mutual interests of both parties as much as possible.

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