Tour operators told which hotels in Egypt are already running out of rooms for the New Year

Tour operators told which hotels in Egypt are already running out of rooms for the New Year

Egypt confidently entered the top 3 bookings for the New Year – and this leads to the fact that in some of the country's hotels the places are already running out. This applies primarily to popular high-level hotels. This is how the experts of tour operators for ATOR described the situation, also presenting the main prices.

“Egypt is confidently in the TOP-5 most popular destinations for the New Year and winter holidays, for a number of companies it is in positions from first to third,” experts said. Demand is stable and very good, they add. At the same time, the shortage of transportation continues to affect the situation, sales volumes are generally lower than last year for this very reason. However, there is a demand for available places and, according to the forecasts of tour operators, the peak of demand for New Year's arrivals in Egypt will come in the next 1-2 weeks. At the same time, tourists are advised to hurry up – precisely for the above reason – places in good hotels are running out

“Hotels in the resorts of Egypt do not have such a large number of rooms, as, for example, in Turkey. Therefore, in the next 2 weeks, many hotels in Egypt are expected to stop selling on New Year's dates, and some popular properties have already announced a stop sale,” explained, for example, PEGAS Touristik. Experts also recalled that not only Russians fly to Egypt, but also tourists from Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries. A similar situation was confirmed by Intourist.

As for prices, compared to last year, depending on the category of the hotel, prices for New Year's Egypt with “all inclusive” increased from 5 to 20%. New Year's Eve prices – i.e. prices for departures about a week before the new year are significantly cheaper. For example, for the same Pegasus for a tour with a departure on December 24, 3 * in Hurghada will cost from 105 thousand rubles. for two; 4 * – at 114 thousand rubles, 5 * at about the same price. New Year's arrival on January 3 will already cost from 131 to 145 thousand rubles. also depending on stardom.

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