Tour operators will finish giving discounts ahead of schedule: Russian tourists were told how much time they still have left

Tour operators will stop giving discounts ahead of schedule: Russian tourists were told how much time they have left

Early bird deals could wind up two months ahead of the usual pre-Covid deadline. According to ATOR, tour operators will stop giving discounts for Russian resorts ahead of schedule, and many plan to cancel earlier bookings at the end of January. The main reason is the already more than good demand, thanks to which there is no point in additional stimulation, and among hotels the action was supported a little.

Association experts recall that in the “pre-pandemic” years, the early booking campaign for resorts in the South of Russia with tour operators ended at the end of March. In the last two years, the reason for the early closing of the shares was also its intersection with cashback promotions for tours in Russia. This year, cashback for tours in Russia is not expected, but most of the promotions will be curtailed by the beginning of February.

Firstly, experts say this year only about 3% of hotels in the South of Russia offer discounts for early bookings . At the same time, in 2022 there were about 10% of such people. Last summer season was good, and there is no point in stimulating a tourist at a price.

“Early summer holiday sales are doing better compared to January 2022, with sales already up 25%. Taking into account the fact that there are very few discounts from hotels on the Black Sea coast of Russia this year, it makes little sense to stimulate demand for the South with discounts and special conditions from the tour operator itself and finance hotels at their own expense. Yes, we will sell about 5-10% of the total planned summer volume this year by early booking, but this will be enough for us, ”experts quote Sergey Romashkin, CEO of the Dolphin tour operator. He also told tourists that at the moment the early booking campaign for resorts in the South of Russia continues, discounts up to 7%, but it is planned to be completed at the end of January.

Alean tour operator planned to complete the early booking campaign also in January , and on the 15th, at the moment it has been extended until mid-February. The experts also noted that the number of hotels on the Black Sea coast that offer early booking discounts has decreased compared to previous years.

FUN&SUN and Intourist are also planning to close early bookings at the end of January or are considering such a possibility. So far, a tourist can buy tours to the Black Sea from the former TUI with a down payment of 999 rubles, then you will need to pay 50% 30 days before the start date of the trip, and pay the rest 10 days before arrival. True, for tours to other regions, they promise to hold the early booking action a little longer.

Multitour reported that there is still low demand for the early booking promotion, mainly for top hotels and hotels with a low price at the start of sales. However, this tour operator declares that it does not plan to change the standard dates and the promotion will last until March 31.

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