Tourism is in danger again: a new disease that could turn into a pandemic was found in Turkey

Tourism is in danger again: a new disease that could turn into a pandemic has been found in Turkey

Tourism, which has not yet recovered from the covid pandemic, which practically brought it down for two whole years, continues to be a nightmare with new diseases. This time, the news spread throughout the media that the first case of infection with a new “frightening” virus, monkeypox, was detected in Turkey. This was announced by the Minister of Health of the Republic Fahrettin Koca. Considering that the WHO is promoting this disease to the fullest, there is no guarantee that it will not be declared a pandemic some time later, just like coronavirus 2 years ago.

“A patient aged 37 years with a weakened immune system was diagnosed monkeypox. He is in isolation,” the head of the Turkish Ministry of Health confirmed. However, he did not specify in which city of Turkey the first case of infection was registered.

He also separately stated that it had already been established that no other cases of this disease had been found, including among the contacts of the infected person. “As you know, this disease is not transmitted by respiratory, but by close physical contact,” added Mr. Koca.

Note that when it appeared in Europe, monkeypox caused a state close to panic, and did not marvelous. They still remember how covid spread, which back in February 2020 was not taken too seriously, hoping that everything would cost a few cases and publications – and suddenly everything was closed for two years on a lockdown, practically bringing down tourism.

Recall that monkeypox appeared on the agenda a little over a month ago, when at the end of May the virus “arrived” in Europe and began to spread. First, the smallpox virus was detected in a British resident who returned from the Congo – and soon 9 cases were already recorded in the country – while the patients were in different areas – from London to the southeast. Cases of the disease have also been reported on the continent. Spain reported seven cases and 22 suspected cases, in Portugal there are 20 such cases. Read the details at the link.

Then, in hot pursuit, the ministries of tourist countries took action. In Egypt, for example, they stated that “the Ministry of Health and Population is closely monitoring the epidemiological situation with the virus, which has spread in several European countries.” At the same time, the local Ministry of Health emphasized that no cases of smallpox were recorded in Egypt. Also, Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, a spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population, specifically noted that the virus that causes monkeypox is very similar to the virus that causes smallpox, but it is less deadly and less transmissible. (details here).

A similar statement was made in Turkey around the same time. By the way, British tourists caused a separate concern (read here). And now – the first case has been discovered in the country…

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