Tourism now has three troubles: Russian tourists are named one of them

Tourism now has three troubles: Russian tourists are named one of them

Russian tourists turned out to be one of the problems that the European Tourism Commission (ETC) predicts for European tourism ). The problem, of course, will not be the tourists themselves, but their almost complete absence in Europe. The other two troubles are the reason for their absence, that is, the “protracted situation in Ukraine”, as well as inflation and recession in the Eurozone, which will cause potential tourists to cut spending.

At the moment, according to ECT, by the end This year, Europe is expected to recover nearly 75% of 2019 travel volumes. At the same time, in August, at least, the total volume of flights lagged behind 11%, but by autumn the situation began to change. “The winter for tourism will not be without threats, as the looming recession and higher inflation in Europe will weigh on consumer spending and tourism demand, delaying but not stopping the recovery,” the ETS said. The “protracted situation in Ukraine” and the resulting lack of Russian tourists were also called problems.

On the other hand, there are pluses in the crisis situation: as ETC President Luis Araujo said, although the cost of living crisis forced people to change approach to travel, the desire to explore Europe remains strong. As a result, most likely a European tourist will prefer short trips to the nearest countries, since such trips are the most economical. They can become “a salvation for tourism in the coming months.” As a result, according to forecasts, short-haul travel now accounts for about 72% of the total number of visits to Europe.

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