Tourist angered when woman on plane took off her shoes and put her stinky foot beside her

Tourist was indignant when a woman on the plane took off her shoes and put her smelly foot next to

The passenger of the plane took off her shoes in flight, which angered the fellow traveler, who was forced to contemplate on a bare leg and at the same time suffer from an unpleasant smell. The incident related to the bad manners of a tourist caused controversy on the network, in particular on the Reddit forum.

The portal user spoke about his recent terrible flight, when he unwittingly witnessed how the girl decided to take off her shoes from one foot, because she was hot. Not only that, she threw a limb on the seat next to her neighbor's leg. “I had to deal with it the whole flight. Stinky,” the author of the post was indignant, posting a photo of a woman’s well-groomed bare feet.

The post went viral, with over 4,000 votes and over 850 comments, and sent users into a frenzy. Most were outraged by the ill-mannered act of the traveler. “Just tell her, ‘Sorry, but your feet really smell bad. Could you please cover them so I don't have to call for help?” – advised one of the users. Another also spoke in favor of the “victim”: “The one who does this deserves to have no legs at all, it's just disgusting.” “People who don’t wear closed-toe shoes on planes are fucking disgusting,” exclaimed another.

However, some pranksters saw the situation as something to laugh at. “Start massaging them and see where it leads…”, “Some guys would pay extra for your seat”, “Cross your legs and give her high-five with your foot,” they recommended.

However, from the pages of their blogs on social networks, flight attendants constantly warn passengers not to take off their socks or shoes on the airliner. The main argument is the dirty floor in the toilet and the cabin. In addition, if your feet swell during the flight from air pressure, you may not be able to put on your shoes again, they assured.

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