Tourist dies after taking photo on Death Road

Tourist dies while taking photo on Death Road

A foreign traveler fell off a train and fell to his death while photographing the scenic route of the Death Road railroad. The incident took place last Tuesday in the province of Kanchanaburi in Thailand.

The train was passing along the famous wooden railway bridge past the Krasa cave at about 11:50 am, when the incident happened. According to eyewitnesses, the traveler boarded the train at the River Kwai station in the Muang area. The final station on his ticket was Nam Tok Station in the Sai Yok area. When the train crossed the famous wooden railway bridge called “Death Road” and slowed down, the man opened the carriage door to take beautiful pictures, but suddenly slipped and fell.

The police, along with volunteer rescuers, arrived at the scene and found the passenger's body 8 meters below the rails. According to police spokesman Sai Yok, the deceased was identified as 45-year-old Patrick Ward from New Zealand. His body was sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the General Police Hospital in Bangkok for an autopsy, the New Zealand Embassy in Bangkok is already aware of the emergency.

According to the idea of ​​​​the authorities, trains must definitely slow down on this section On the 400-meter wooden railway bridge, tourists have time to enjoy the view of the River Kwai, take a series of pictures before reaching Tham Krasae station.

The infamous Thai-Burma Railway, also known as the “Death Road”, stretches 415 km between Bangkok (Thailand) and Rangoon (Burma – now Myanmar), was built by Japanese prisoners of war in 1943 to support their troops during World War II. About 304 km of the railway passed through the territory of Thailand. It has now become a popular tourist destination in the province of Kanchanaburi, which is famous for its national parks with their dense jungles, waterfalls and limestone caves.

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