Tourist dies on plane in front of family

Tourist died on plane in front of family

A terrible accident happened on the Hong Kong-Frankfurt flight. A tourist traveling with her husband and small children died right in the flight, in front of the whole family.

N.B. Earlier, Turprom published material on this topic – “Tourists were horrified: the stewardess told what the crew does when one of the passengers dies.”

According to the British The Mirror, tourist Helen Rhodes was returning from with the whole family – a husband and two small children – to their homeland from Hong Kong. After some time in flight, the passenger fell asleep soundly. Two hours later, the tourist's husband discovered that she was not breathing.

The alarmed husband called the flight attendants for help – but help was already too late. It was not possible to bring the tourist back to life.

At the same time, as the publication adds, the plane flew full. So for the remaining eight hours of the flight, where the family had to make a transplant, the husband and children sat next to the deceased.

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