Tourist fainted while paragliding in Antalya

A tourist fainted in Antalya while paragliding

A foreign tourist, having arrived in Turkish Antalya, decided that without extreme sports her vacation would be incomplete. The choice fell on a paraglider. During the flight over the coast of Konyaalti, she lost consciousness. It could have cost her her life if not for the instructor pilot who was next to her.

According to Sabah, the American traveler, along with an instructor, jumped off a cliff on a paraglider, managed to turn on the action camera to capture the flight, and soon fainted from excitement. The incident occurred a few minutes after the start of the flight. The moments when the tourist lost consciousness were reflected in the recording. According to the instructor, he realized that something happened to his partner, because her helmet and camera attached to her wrist were asleep.

“The wind picked us up. My passenger filmed the process on camera. At some point, I looked at her: the helmet was off her head, and the camera was hanging down. I realized that she had fainted. I called out to her and shook my hand. I took the camera and put the helmet on her head. At this time, the girl came to her senses and said that she was all right. After that, we successfully completed the flight. On the ground, she said that everything was fine with her, she was just worried,” the instructor explained to the publication.

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