Tourist hit woman on plane for putting her feet on the headrest of her seat

A tourist on a plane hit a woman for putting her feet on the headrest of a chair

Scandalous incident involving two tourists occurred on board the aircraft. The passenger hit the woman because she put her feet on the headrest of his seat. He later shared the story on the Reddit forum and caused a lot of backlash.

The passenger explained that the smell of her “stinky feet” spread throughout the plane. As a result, the man hit her on the legs for rash behavior, and only then the woman removed her legs from his headrest.

Despite the fact that many users spoke in favor of taking off their shoes on the plane, the vast majority criticized the impudent tourist, not the man who decided to take radical actions to protect their own space. “Some people have neither common sense nor respect for others,” commented one of them. However, there were those who took the position of a woman, stating that it was probably “uncomfortable for her to sit in one position” and throwing her legs up was the only option.

However, this is not the first time that someone puts their feet on the headrest of another passenger, and this behavior causes discontent and indignation. So, last year, a traveler shared on social media a photo of a woman in boots resting her feet on his seat. The story was instantly captured on a phone camera and published online. Then users did not skimp on criticism of the impudent traveler. “If I had been sitting in front, I would have already thrown the seat back!” one user responded sharply.

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