Tourist miraculously survived after falling off a 40-meter cliff while taking a selfie

Tourist miraculously survived falling from a 40-meter cliff while taking a selfie

Love for extreme selfies miraculously did not bring the tourist to death – the tourist fell 40-meter cliff, provided work for many rescuers, but miraculously survived. It all happened on the islands of Bali, on the edge of a cliff on Nusa Penida.

According to eyewitnesses, a tourist took dangerous selfies on the edge of a cliff, even demonstrating somersaults. Moreover, the local guide not only did not interfere with the tourist, but also filmed him. The last jump of the tourist was unsuccessful – he fell off a cliff and fell from a height of 40 meters.

The fact that the tourist was taken alive is all the more surprising, given that help could not come for a long time. Sea emergency services were hampered by strong seas, and land emergency services by high cliffs. However, the tourist was “born in a shirt” – when the rescuers managed to descend from the cliff, using the equipment, it turned out that the man survived.

“We gave him first aid, stopped the bleeding due to injuries to his arms and legs, and dragged him out on a stretcher. He is hospitalized with serious leg injuries. How the hell he survived, I can't tell you,” an emotional representative of the rescuers commented.

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