Tourist received 556,000 rubles in compensation for a fall on a wet floor in a hotel

Tourist received 556’000 rubles in compensation for falling on a wet floor in a hotel

The Tenerife court ruled in favor of a tourist who slipped on wet floor at the Alborada Hotel in the south of the island and tore a ligament in his left leg. The victim received compensation in the amount of 6,200 euros or 556,000 rubles, writes Canarian Weekly.

According to medical reports, the hiker's fall was caused by a slip and resulted in a fibrillar rupture. This is a muscle injury that results in the tearing of one or more fibers and is caused by stretching the muscle. The court took place already 3 years after the incident, but the hotel remained under the control of the same owners.

Representatives of the insurance company responsible for the payments were summoned to testify in court. They reported that they received no evidence or reports to explain how the fall and injury occurred. The hotel staff claimed that they had served the client satisfactorily, and the institution was never punished for the incident, no negligence was revealed, and the case file was archived.

However, the tourist insisted that the floor was wet due to for organized games in the pool and people who went inside, remaining wet. He also claims that his fall should have been recorded by a security camera located inside the facility, but the footage has disappeared.

The local court sided with the victim and noted that his account of the incident had remained unchanged over the years. Also, medical reports show that the injuries are consistent with the fall described by the victim, who believes that the video from the video camera was hidden from him.

The court found the hotel and its employees guilty because there is a sign at the entrance to the premises, forbidding visitors to enter wet. This rule was not followed properly, which speaks of negligence and led to injury to the tourist.

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