Tourist says he feels like a fool after falling for a scam in popular country

Tourist reported feeling like a fool after being scammed in a popular country

During his trip, a foreign tourist fell for a scam in one of the bars in Greece, after which he felt like a real fool. Realizing that he was a victim of fraud, he could not do anything and simply gave the money. The traveler spoke about the incident personally on the pages of the Reddit forum.

According to the American, the scheme is aimed at unsuspecting tourists. Here is the story of the victim: “I fell for a scam that targets tourists, and now I feel very stupid. It was in Athens. I was walking down the street browsing Google Maps and ran into a guy who asked if I needed help with directions. He asked if I had ever tasted ouzo, the alcoholic national drink of Greece. I said “No”. Then he replied that he worked in a bar and would pour me some of this drink for free. I walked into a bar and knew immediately that I was involved in a scam. They closed the door behind me and assigned a muscular guard to it. They brought me my drink and then two girls asked if they could have a drink with me. I said, “Of course, if you pay yourself.” I finished my ouzo, and then they billed me for 90 euros (almost 6,100 rubles). I couldn't escape because the guard was at the door, I reluctantly but paid and got out of there.”

Help: Ouzo is a strong alcoholic drink with anise extract produced distributed throughout Greece. In neighboring countries, anise drinks similar in composition are called crayfish, mastic and arak.

Tourists need to be careful if strangers offer them something for free, especially if the locals take the initiative themselves. This may turn out to be a scam. Also, for safety's sake, it's best to stay in public at all times and never follow strangers into rooms away from other people.

“My first rule when traveling is to ignore anyone who comes up to talk to me,” another traveler shared his personal experience. “I found out about it when I went on tour in Europe. Our guide said that even a simple “no thanks” doesn't work. It may seem rude, but it is contraindicated to enter into any conversations, this seems to be the best way to avoid problems, ”added another user.

At the same time, some travelers did not agree with the opinion of the hero of the story and commentators, who advised him to stay away from strangers next time: “It's sad that sometimes you miss real opportunities if you give up everything. I was in Vietnam when a couple in their 20s approached me and started talking. I immediately thought of a scam, and I listened to them with suspicion, but immediately thought that there would be no real harm, because. I didn't intend to visit any bars with them and was on the lookout for theft. It turned out that they were young professionals who just “hang out” there to talk to tourists and improve their English. We ended up going to a few street stalls and eating and drinking in the square all night.”

Indeed, many tourists want to have some experience with the locals, because interacting with them can be a great way to find the best and “ non-guided” sights of the city. “The average person is honest and willing to help. In my experience, this is true regardless of location. The vast majority of people want nothing more than to help a stranger in need. But if you just go and do your thing, no one will stop you unless they have ulterior motives,” another traveler retorted on the forum thread, refusing to notice visitor-targeted scams.

Basic rule for traveling in unfamiliar places always remains relevant – you should be careful if a stranger approaches and asks for help. If tourists need advice from locals, they can contact them themselves or book a tour.

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