Tourist sparks debate over 'stupid' flight attendants hate behavior on plane

Tourist sparks debate over 'idiotic' behavior on a plane that flight attendants hate

To get up or not to get up immediately after the plane has landed is a question that generates a lot of controversy. Flight attendants hate the behavior of getting up and call it “idiotic”, but people continue to do it. One impatient tourist posted a video on TikTok and rekindled the debate about it, writes The Sun.

A tourist named Carly Weinstein said she always gets up as soon as the plane lands. “Do you guys know how everyone on TikTok is obsessed with talking about sitting on a plane when the plane lands? Everyone is like, “Relax, just stay where you are. You don't have to get up.” But today I realized that I am the complete opposite of this. And I will never be a girl who just sits,” Carly says in her video.

And then he adds: “For some strange reason, I live with the idea that I always need to be somewhere, and I'm in a hurry. I sat on the plane for 4 hours. I'm going to stand up and God forbid the row behind me will be in front of me because I'm relaxed. As soon as I have the opportunity to leave, I will escape from this plane. I don't know if there are other people like me who stand up and say, “I have to go.” But I'd love to know if anyone else feels the same way.”

In the comments, a surprising number of people agreed with Carly and admitted that they, too, get up as soon as the plane lands. One of them said: “I'm exactly the same, and if I'm not sitting at the aisle, I panic about how I will take my hand luggage out of the compartment above.” Another added: “I am the same. What annoys me the most is when people stay seated and don't need to urgently get their bags off the top shelf.”

But there were those who disagreed with Carly. “The row behind you is not going to leave before you. If you are standing, nothing will speed up, please just sit and wait,” the user wrote.

The flight attendants also disagreed with those who like to get up and even consider them idiots. “If you are the type of person who gets up before the plane doors open after landing, you are an idiot. Getting up can be very dangerous, especially if the plane is still moving and has not reached the terminal,” the flight attendant told the publication. that you have left the motorway. The car is still moving and it can still be very dangerous. It is better to sit until the plane has at least reached the terminal, then you can start thinking about how to pack your things and get ready to leave.

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