Tourist theater returns to the stage

Touristic theater returns to the stage

The Tourist Theater returns to the stage – experts from the UTS tour operator told the TURPROM correspondent about this. In the “old times” for 15 years, the company's employees delighted their colleagues and partners with bright classical productions, colorful costumes and scenery, as well as professional acting. For several months, professional directors and choreographers worked with the future heroes of the scene. And the costume designer realized the most daring ideas of the creative team.

And now, for the first time since the pandemic, Kirill Volkov, director of the TRN tourism news portal, and Irina Vasilyeva, CEO of UTS, initiated the creation of an industry-wide travel theater project, Travel Theater. Specialists from the tourism and hospitality industry can pass the casting and take part in the grand production on December 26 and 27. Registration is accepted until August 19!

“I am glad that Irina Vasilyeva and Kirill Volkov decided to revive the theater project and make it a common property of our tourism industry. Creativity has no limits and the future of the tourist theater is now created by each member of the team. I will be happy to take part in the casting,” says Alexei Krylov, founder of the theater project and tour operator UTS.

The play is planned to be staged “as crazy, creative and creative as our entire travel business – The Marriage of Figaro, which inspired Mozart himself to create an opera of the same name. It, as the initiators say, “within the framework of the tourist theater will acquire a new modern format.”

Those wishing to take part are required to have the desire to realize their creative potential and the ability to devote 4-6 hours a week to rehearsals. Registration for casting is open until August 19. The performance is scheduled for the end of December. “New Year's mood and expectation of a miracle is the best time for this,” the initiators say.

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