Tourists again warned about the dangers of visiting Turkey

Tourists have again been warned about the danger of visiting Turkey

The topic of the danger of visiting Turkey is being actively developed by the authorities of Western countries and the media. The United States was the first to issue a ban, then Sweden. Now the UK has been added to this list, for the inhabitants of which Turkey is one of the most popular beach destinations. The British Foreign Office issued an official warning to its tourists last Sunday.

«Terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in Turkey. Most of the terrorist attacks took place in the southeast of the country, as well as in Ankara and Istanbul. There is a possibility that citizens of Western countries may be targeted or harmed by attacks, especially in large cities. Attacks can be indiscriminate and occur without warning, including in places frequented by foreigners, affecting public buildings, places of worship, large events or large gatherings of people.

You must be especially vigilant and, if possible, avoid places frequented by Westerners, including diplomatic premises, as well as important religious events and public holidays; terrorist groups sometimes call for attacks during this time. Previous methods of attack have included armed attacks, suicide bombings, car bombings, rocket attacks, arson, and improvised explosive devices left in trash cans, crowded places, shops and public transport. Stay vigilant, follow media reports and stay up to date with these travel tips,” the Foreign Office said in a statement quoted by The Sun.

Meanwhile, the UK agency also urged holidaymakers in case the need to contact airport staff due to the “increased risk of a terrorist attack on the aviation sector.” In addition, they recommended to refrain from any tourist trips to areas located within 10 km from the border with Syria, as well as to the Turkish province of Shirnak and Hakkar (details here).

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