Tourists called hotel rooms that should never be booked

Tourists have been named hotel rooms they should never book

Not all hotel rooms are considered equal by tourism experts in terms of safety and convenience. What types of rooms are always avoided by tourism specialist, host of the TV show about traveling around America Samantha Brown, according to The Sun.

In her videos on her TikTok account, she said that she never lives in rooms located near elevators, and clearly demonstrated why. The tourist just stood by the elevators and listened to the loud screeching coming from the elevator as the elevator moved between floors. Approximately the same thing is heard in the room through thin walls – such a background will not allow you to relax. “My room was halfway down the hall and I could still hear what I thought was a bird stuck inside,” she explained.

The expert also said that she doesn't like staying in rooms near the ice machine because it makes a loud noise when tourists collect ice cubes to take to their room. For security reasons, she avoids staying overnight in rooms on the ground floor. Rooms close to the ground are considered to be easy for thieves to break in.

Similarly, for security reasons, guests are also advised to avoid rooms above the fourth floor. According to ex-military-turned-travel risk expert Lloyd Figgins, the third floor is the best choice for booking. There are two reasons for this, both of which involve security.

In an interview with Sun Online Travel, he said the biggest thing that gets overlooked is the risk of fire.
When you arrive at a hotel, you are in an unfamiliar environment that you think is safe. The problem is, if the fire alarm went off, what would we do next? Do we know where the fire exit is? How are we going to get to it and get you to safety? Is it blocked or locked? Figgins set the logic.

Because of this, Lloyd reported, “it's always a good idea to walk the fire escape route ahead of time, counting the number of doors between your room and the fire escape.” “Make sure you stay between the second and fourth floors of the hotel because the fire escape rarely goes higher than the fourth floor. And the floors below are usually targeted by robbers,” he concluded.

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