Tourists called the drink to avoid before boarding the plane

Tourists have been told a drink to avoid before boarding a plane

Virgin Australia flight attendant Sarah Goodwin urged travelers to be critical of drinking certain drinks for their own health before departure. The expert suggested giving up caffeinated drinks, especially for those who are nervous on the plane. She talked about this in one of the videos posted on TikTok.
If you have an early flight, morning coffee at the airport can be tempting.

“Before flying, try not to drink anything that is caffeinated because it can increase your anxiety and make you more nervous and irritable,” she warned.

The main reason for avoiding such drinks before and during the flight caffeine has the same effect on the body as alcohol. In addition, drinking coffee, strong tea, cola before a flight can lead to frequent trips to the toilet. Caffeine can also cause headaches and insomnia, which will definitely not please passengers who are unsuccessfully trying to sleep.

According to experts, tourists suffering from jet lag should stop drinking coffee altogether a few days before departure. Samantha Brown, who travels for a living as a TV presenter, also said the key to preventing jet lag starts days before travel. She told Travel + Leisure: “I try to limit my caffeine intake a few days before I go on a trip so that it is completely out of my system when I land. I try not to order caffeinated drinks until the last minute, when I can't bear it, that's when I allow myself a double espresso. Then the caffeine hits my body so hard that I can last the rest of the day.”

It turns out that flight crew don't like serving coffee to passengers either. So, flight attendant Madeleine Doyle told Thrillist that passengers often cannot decide in what form they want to drink a drink and flight attendants have to spend a lot of time serving such tourists: “Despite everything that infuriates flight attendants, passengers change their minds about how they want to drink coffee. First they say they want it to be black, so we give it to them in black. Then they say no, they want cream and sugar. It’s bad coffee anyway, what difference does it make how you drink it?”

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