Tourists called the time frame of chaos and collapse with flights

Tourists have been given a time frame for chaos and collapse with flights

European tourists, as well as those who travel to Europe themselves, should bet on long-term chaos at airports, it will last not only the entire summer season, but will also intensify in the coming winter. This is how a British Airways pilot described the current situation to the European media audience, sharing his forecast on condition of anonymity.

According to him, the main reasons for the chaos are the lack of additional staff due to the greed of employers and the complete burnout of working employees. The airline industry was unprepared for the “perfect storm” caused by the sudden full lifting of covid restrictions and the resulting tourism boom. “In Europe, more flights will be canceled in addition to the 16,000 available. Plus, strikes are likely,” the pilot said.

According to him, he has not seen such a volume of work in 15 years of his service in the company. “At the moment we are full of work. We are overloaded. It's the perfect storm,” he said. He also added that labor shortages have multiplied with a huge increase in the number of tourists due to the season, and also drew attention to the lack of assistance from governments to restart the tourism industry. “Airlines only received weeks notice to restart full flight schedules, which means carriers cannot get enough staff fast enough as security checks take months. Moreover, many do not want to return to low wages and difficult working times,” he explained.

As a result, according to the pilot of British Airways, it is possible that the airlines will be fully staffed with flight crews only by the winter time. “But there is no chance that this will be resolved this summer,” he added. Situations can also be exacerbated by strikes over wage disputes. Plus, a similar picture has developed at the airports themselves: there is simply no one to work there.

Let us recall that the chaos in the aviation industry, which began with Britain, swept across Europe – long delays, rolling flight cancellations, hours-long queues at airports covered Germany and Holland . Read more in the material Chaos in tourism has spread from Britain to Germany and Holland: the summer tourist season in Europe is under threat. No luck and tourists who still managed to get out on vacation. Upon returning home, they expect the same collapse and cancellation of flights. Read the details at the link.

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