Tourists can now book tours and flights using voice commands

Tourists can now book tours and flights using voice commands

Artificial intelligence has learned the skills of a travel agent, and now travelers can book tours, flights and hotel stays with using simple voice commands. This was made possible thanks to the new Travelshift application, which is based on artificial intelligence. However, for the time being, vacations by voice can only be booked in Europe.

Iceland-based tech company Travelshift has released an app that makes it possible to quickly find a convenient ride as part of its Europe Travel Guide program by simply commanding Alexa or Google Assistant, Mirror reported. It was clarified that the application also uses artificial intelligence to compile tourist routes and directions to all the best attractions – in fact, the function replaces a personal guide.

Launched last month, Travelshift's CEO David Stewart says it could be a “game-changer” in the leisure industry. “Over the past decade, AI technology has evolved rapidly and we are now at a point where we can trust it to make recommendations and book vacations. The case went beyond a simple Alexa request from Amazon or Google Assistant to play a song or set an alarm. The technology exists in order to act as a travel agent,” he noted, comparing that the contactless form of payment was also initially perceived by people with skepticism, and now it is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without it.

“Such labor-saving devices, no matter how small, are incredibly popular precisely because they are efficient and easy to use. The answers are instant, and the app uses artificial intelligence to recommend everything from the best travel itineraries and hotels to the best restaurants,” added David Stewart.

The previous app, released by Virgin in 2017, was Alexa-only and simply allowed tourists to search for tours rather than book them. According to the expert, the Icelandic travel firm's app is “significantly superior” to its predecessor because it offers so much more.

he explained. “By providing the ideal itinerary, we not only make it easier for people to book, but also enhance the holiday experience.”

It was reported that across Europe, the company has already launched more than 12,000 tourist trips with routes optimized for artificial intelligence. And judging by the words of the company's CEO, the application will soon become “the future of travel”, as more and more tourists take advantage of it.

“Years ago, people booked their holidays personally through travel agents. Back then, in the 1980s, vacation packages were a common option until the internet allowed you to do it all on your own. All of this has been made possible by technology, and this is the next step in that direction. There has been a huge appetite for travel since the pandemic and people are always looking for easy and affordable ways to do so. This application allows them to travel, and also gives invaluable tips to help them make the most of their vacation, ”he said.

The Progressive App is available on the Guide to Europe website. After registration, you will need to enter passport data, travel preferences.

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