Tourists flying from Turkey found bugs and snake heads in food on board

  • Tourists flying from Turkey found bugs and snake heads in their food on board

  • Tourists leaving Turkey found in food on board beetles and snake heads

Snake heads, beetles and snails were found in food served to tourists who were flying from Turkey on a Sunexpress Airlines flight, Turkish tourism media reported. The incident happened last Thursday. The shocking photos leaked online, and the carrier initiated an internal investigation.

Tourists and the crew found the heads of snakes, beetles and snails in their food during the Ankara-Düsseldorf flight. Meals on board were supplied by Sancak Inflight Service, which provides catering services for the aircraft of the Turkish carrier Sunexpress Airlines. In addition, this company provided food for other carriers.

It was reported that on Thursday evening the airline announced the launch of an internal investigation and noted that until the circumstances were clarified, it would stop working with the company that supplies it with food. In turn, the food service denies involvement in the incident, declaring a conspiracy. Catering service lawyers went to court and requested food samples from the carrier, but SunExpress did not send them.

According to Mesut Evliyaoglu, a representative of the company providing catering services on board, the dishes are cooked at a temperature of 280 degrees and the like in their kitchen could not happen.

While the investigation is ongoing, SunExpress has issued a tender for food service services. Here is Sancak Inflight Service's comment on this: “As you know, SunExpress Airlines is a valuable client in our country and a popular airline in Europe, which recently decided to further expand its fleet and route network. She again announced a tender for catering services on board. We did not use any of the foreign objects that were supposedly in the food when cooking (due to the technical and thermal conditions used in the in-flight catering facilities).” The statement stated that the heads of snakes, snails and beetles were put into the dishes later.

According to some reports, there is a struggle for power in the Sunexpress airline and such conspiracies are understandable, because. there is competition within the aircraft.

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