Tourists from which countries are most disliked in Thailand: a Russian tourist was surprised to find out the anti-rating of 5 nations from a guide

There are more tourists from which countries they don’t like everything in Thailand: a Russian tourist was surprised to find out the anti-rating of 5 nations from the guide

By the behavior and manner of communication of tourists, many locals, sellers, guides and hotel staff can easily understand from which country this or that person came. During the next visit to Phuket, the Russian managed to find out the anti-rating of the nations that are most disliked in Thailand. He shared the information in his Zen channel.

During an excursion to the province of Krabi, a Russian tourist had a chance to talk with a guide, who turned out to be his compatriot Yakov. For more than 10 years, Yakov has been living in Thailand and working in the tourism business. He knows very well how travelers from different countries treat local staff, and what Thais think about this. As a result of the conversation, the following anti-rating of the nations of tourists appeared, which the locals dislike the most. From more or less decent to the most inadequate.

In fifth place were tourists from India, who recently prefer the beaches of Thailand to their native Goa. In general, they behave decently, do not drink and do not commit crimes, but they annoy the locals with noisy conversations and non-standard outfits.

Fourth place was taken by travelers from Germany. They are not loved for their arrogance, boorish attitude towards staff, disrespect for others and the habit of making noise. Large groups of Germans can end up drunk in a cafe or restaurant and interfere with their table neighbors.

Tourists from the United States came in third place. Behind them they notice arrogance, imposingness, capriciousness and confidence in the greatness of their nation. Americans love to overspend and require special treatment from the staff. For any reason, they are ready to make a scandal, which drives the waiters, guides and hotel staff crazy.

The second place in the anti-rating went to the Russians, moreover, it cannot be said that it was undeserved. On vacation, many tourists from Russia behave disgustingly: they drink, rage, break shop windows, arrange brawls and even resist the police. Staff in Thailand notes rudeness, aggression and hostility towards everyone around on the part of Russian travelers. It is difficult to achieve the love of local residents with such behavior.

Well, the first place, oddly enough, was taken by tourists from China. They do not drink and do not rowdy, but at the same time they annoy the Thais even more with their obsession, noisiness, restlessness and tactlessness, reaching inadequacy. Basically, they move in organized groups that fill everything around, preventing the staff from doing their work, and other tourists from enjoying the peace and beauty of local attractions.

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