Tourists giving monkeys cigarettes stigmatized in Thailand

Tourists who give monkeys cigarettes are stigmatized in Thailand

“Stop giving our monkeys cigarettes!” – Local residents of the Thai province of Lopburi are outraged by tourists – they have already been branded on the “board of shame” in social networks. They got a video of how one of the tourists threw a lit cigarette to a monkey, which can be found in many on the streets of this city. The animal caught her by the burning end and burned herself, according to the video.

The tourist who did this is urged to no longer be allowed into the city. Not only for animal welfare reasons, but also for safety reasons. “What if a monkey carried a cigarette to the roof of one of the old wooden houses that surround the city? What would have happened then? they write. They urge all smoking tourists to carefully monitor their cigarettes and throw them away only if they are extinguished – this is probably not the first such incident.

In general, tourists are generally urged not to contact or intimidate animals. “If you annoy the monkeys too much, they will react according to their natural instincts, and the results will not be very good,” the locals warn.

It must be said, our “distant relatives” are quite capable of “taking care about myself” and poison the lives of tourists. If in South Africa a tourist tried to accept with humor a baboon that entered her room and turned out to be a gourmet – destroying not only breakfast, but also a good glass of Hennessy (read here), then in other places monkeys can seriously affect the hotel business. So in the resort of Chalong in Phuket, local macaques became a serious problem, “choosing” a luxury hotel. Tourists are strictly forbidden to feed them, local staff are also urged to hide food waste from curious animals, but things will not do without traps either. In former times, part of the monkeys even had to be taken out of the resort to uninhabited islands. Read more at this link.

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