Tourists have begun to change priorities in Thailand

Tourists have started change priorities in Thailand

Tourists in Thailand are changing priorities, focusing on “unusual” destinations instead of the usual Phuket and Pattaya, “benefiting the environment and the local economy.” At least, this assessment is broadcast by local media, referring to the data of the Airbnb service that left Russia. We are talking about such remote destinations as Koh Lanta, Trat, Pai and Cha-Am.

For curious tourists, the Thai media describe in detail the routes to these atypical places:

  • Tourists can get to Ko Lanta by taking a short flight from anywhere to Krabi airport, then a taxi to the pier and a 15-minute speedboat to the island. The transfer takes less than 90 minutes. There is also an option to take a ferry to Koh Lanta – the total transfer time is three to six hours.
  • Trat is made up of over 50 islands, the three most popular of which are Koh Chang, Koh Kood and Koh Mak. Trat has it all: beaches, diving, rich history, wildlife and waterfalls. Trat is also a convenient transit point to the Cambodian beach resort of Sihanoukville. There is a flight from Bangkok, but it is quite expensive, tourists are recommended a bus that takes five hours and 27 minutes and costs less than 300 baht (8.23 US dollars).
  • Pai District, which can be reached from Chiang Mai, once famous as “hippie paradise”, is located in the mountains of Mae Hong Son province in northern Thailand. The area is rich in culture, scenery, rice fields and waterfalls. The road is really “not for the faint of heart” – the local minibus takes about three hours, and tickets cost 150 baht (4.11 US dollars), but there are 762 turns on the road, and local drivers drive quickly – so the direction is not advised for those suffering from motion sickness.
  • Cha-am is a beach destination in Phetchaburi province, western Thailand, with easy access from Bangkok, two hours and 20 minutes from the capital and 20 kilometers north of Hua Hin.
  • < li>Also recommended to tourists is the Trang province in southern Thailand, attractive for ecotourism, with a lot of beaches, islands, mountains and rich culture.

  • Another attractive and underdeveloped place is the province of Phetchabun in north-central Thailand. There, tourists can be attracted by mountains, ancient ruins, waterfalls and national parks – everything for a relaxing holiday.

Note that Russian tourists are also exploring “ecological” and budgetary holidays in Thailand. You can read about their experience here.

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