Tourists named a way to avoid losing luggage at the airport

Tourists were told how to avoid losing luggage at the airport

Lamia Walker, Founder and CEO of shared tips for tourists on how to avoid losing luggage at the airport, and at the same time what else to get for a safe trip. In her interview with the British Express, she talked about life hacks developed by numerous travels around the world.

The first of them is bright luggage labels, and, if possible, covers for the suitcase so as not to lose it. The advice is especially relevant if you are traveling with a “little black suitcase”, of which about two-thirds are on the luggage belt – and it is very easy to confuse them. “Once I lost a small black suitcase at the Milan airport on the way there, I now always make sure that my luggage is clearly marked. I got stuck at passport control and went to the baggage claim area in Milan later – in the end I found a regular suitcase from a supermarket identical to mine – with someone else's clothes and personal belongings, ”she said about her own experience.

Po she said she was very lucky that the tourist who borrowed her suitcase found her business cards in it, and as a result was able to call her. Since in the suitcase that “passed over” to Ms. Walker there was not even a hint of the hostess’s contacts. In the end, they were able to meet in the evening and exchange suitcases.

As a result, the expert reminds that many suitcases look the same, and it is easy to confuse them when receiving luggage. Therefore, it would be good for tourists to purchase a bright luggage tag to make their suitcase more “individual”. And those who are especially worried about losing their luggage can separately take care of a suitcase cover – perhaps even on an individual order, so as not to be confused.

The second advice of the expert is to take a small transparent bag with you for all the documents on the plane. “I take a handy transparent bag with me and keep it close at hand so I can put my passport, any printed tickets and insurance documents in there. It's best to have them handy in one place, and separate – it's easy to see what's there for a quick check. Have you ever left passport control or security with the thought that you left your documents at the counter? If it happened, a transparent bag allows you to check at a glance if everything is in place,” said Ms. Walker. In the same bag at the hotel, you can put documents in a safe place, for example, in a safe, she adds.

Another life hack is to get a “minimal” suitcase, with a handle, wheels, and ideally also a belt. This is the best option for short “bagless” trips. “Compact hand luggage allows you to get off and on very quickly – both from airplanes and from trains and buses. On a short trip, a small suitcase in addition to a purse and a laptop case is all I need for the necessary things on the road, ”the expert said. At the same time, she recalled that many low-cost airlines limit the amount of hand luggage, so a small suitcase is ideal. In addition, it is easy to lift it into the upper luggage rack on your own, the wheels provide a quick transfer in case of emergency, and if the suitcase also has a belt, this makes it easier to climb stairs.

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