Tourists named three places in the hotel room where criminals can hide

Tourists were named three places in the hotel room where criminals can hide

Before closing the hotel room door and starting to unpack, tourists should check three places in the room to stay safe. Details about the most common secret places in which criminals hide, the flight attendant, known under the pseudonym Flight Bae B, told in a video posted on TikTok.

While hotels are generally reliable, apartments and regular city hotels aren't known to be super-safe, so it's a good idea to be careful, especially if you're traveling alone. The girl said that there were cases when criminals were together with hotel guests in their rooms, and tourists did not even suspect about it, and then unexpectedly became victims of robbery or violence.

So, in what places usually are the attackers hiding? Under the bed, in the shower and in the closet, the flight attendant answered and advised not to close the door until the tourist had finished a thorough security check of the room. In which case, the guest will have time to run away or call for help, and it is easier to do this through the open door.

Her next tip is to inspect the room for hidden cameras. Potential places for their installation are sockets, lampshades and air vents.

However, the flight attendant willingly shared other safety tips: do not say aloud the room number, and outside the hotel – the name of the hotel. “It's better to lie!” – the girl noted, answering the question about when new acquaintances of a tourist are interested in his place of residence.

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